Monday, June 17, 2013

Beauty product must-have women

There are different types of beauty products on the market. Ranging from beauty products such as foundation, eye shadow, eyebrow pencil, lipstick, powder until shimmer. But if you know exactly just some of the beauty products are important for you to have as a basic beauty products.

But this does not mean that other kinds of beauty products is not important, but you should give more priority to have these beauty products. Here is a beauty product that you ought to have.

1. eyeliner

With a wide - range of tricks, eyeliner was able to create various eye makeup, ranging from simply want to emphasize the lines and eyelashes, makeup can be sexy or glamorous cat eye style with bold line and intense.

2. lipstick

there is no point in wearing a nice foundation and eye makeup is beautiful if your lips look pale. lipstick is one of the most essential beauty tool. With the use of two lipsticks, face will look more fresh and beautiful without having to use other beauty products. Choose a lipstick color that suits your skin tone. Lipstick colors warm like chocolate, copper, coral and orange are usually suitable for dark skin. While the color pink, red purple and beige is more suitable for white skin.

3. Foundation

Foundation or a foundation is also known as one of the must-have beauty tools lady, because the foundation is working to refine the texture of the skin and will make your face look more fresh and bright. Foundation can also be used to cover the shortfall on the face, such as dark spots, scars or acne scars. Foundation is usually available in several types, such as foundation cream, liquid, stick, gel and mousse. Choose a foundation that best matches your skin color type.